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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reservoir Dogs film review

Reservoir Dogs is the 1992 crime film written and directed by Quentin tarantino and produced by Harvey Keitel and Lawrence bender.

The film focuses on a group of criminals that are assigned to carry out a heist with the intention of stealing some valuable diamonds. But during the heist they are stopped by the police who to the surprise of the group, knew they were coming. The group retreat back to their warehouse hideout and begin to become paranoid and question who it was in their group that could have possibly tipped off the police to the groups heist plan. This sets off a situation of mistrust, confusion, and bloodshed among them as they try to figure out who could possibly be the mole amongst them.

The first brilliant things I noticed with reservoir dogs was its writing and the casts performances. Tarintino’s witty and interesting script is brought to life by the casts flawless performances, especially Harvey Keitel’s performance. Tarintinos great and unique character situations are amplified to a higher level of greatness by how the cast interact with each other while in their roles, and by how the cast are clearly having fun with Tarintinos witty dialogue.

While the film features a fairly simplistic scenario and story, it is in no way a empty concept. The film chooses not to show the heist itself, a choice that focuses the audiences perceptions on the paranoia and mistrust of the characters during the aftermath of the heist. This is a great way of turning what were believed to be professionals into temporary enemies as they suspect each others involvment in the heist tip off. The action present in the film is also classic tarintino, with bullets flying and blood running.

The film also features tarintinos iconic non linear storytelling, in which each member of the group has their own back story which explains their involvement in the group. Another tarintino trait that is present is this film are Mexican stand offs, something which are possibly homages to old westerns, which tarintino is a fan of.
Overall I highly recommend this movie. The cast is worthy enough of a watch all on its won, but its also cript and his talent as a director that really shine through. The film is an impressive feature film debut for Taritino that has many quotes and scenes that have become iconic over the years since eit was released. The film features a brutal, uncompromising, witty, and thrilling portrayal of honour amongst thieves, and mistrust amongst thieves.

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