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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Predators film review

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Predators is the 2010 horror action sci film directed by Nimrod Antal and produced by Robert Rodriguez. It is a true sequel to the films Predator 1 and Predator 2.

The story of this film starts with a group of human characters that range from mercenaries to doctors finding them selves on a strange planet that they have no knowledge of. Upon exploring the strange world they soon realise that they are not alone and are being hunted by the planets hostile inhabitants. The group have to adapt to survive and try to outwit what is hunting them .

First off I will say that this film is defiantly not a bad film or a bad sequel, its characters are interesting, its action is exiting and well directed, and the special effects are well used . The story is simple and it takes the franchise back to its classic beginnings that the first 2 entry’s established, this is defiantly a true and worthy sequel to Predator 1 and Predator 2.

The film features a classic predator soundtrack with classic predator action and effects that make the film feel like a natural part of the film franchise. All the bad ideas and continuity from the Alien Vs Predator films have been abolished making the film a true and original Predator film that offers new thrills. A great part of the film in my opinion is the music, its classic predator with all the familiar riffs and music cues including a few new ones that bring back that Predator film feeling in all its iconic glory. The film features many references to the original films that are great to see and hear. The choice of music during the ending credits was also interesting and a nice idea as well as a funny reference to the first film.

The action was thrilling and brutal just like the original, plenty of bullets and gore to entertain those who like action. The inclusion of the use of a Gatling gun was a funny reference to the originals iconic shooting into the jungle scene. Despite its 15 rating the film does not push back on violence like the Alien Vs Predator films did which is a good choice and kept the classic violence from the originals intact.

The performances from the main cast was very good, especially Adrian Brodys character Royce who was a great protagonist and a gear character just like the protagonists portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover in the originals. Each character has a different story that creates a varied group of characters just like the commando team in the original predator.

The use of practical effects and natural environments was brilliant and offered a classic and authentic feel. Animatronics are mostly used but the occasional CGI is used as well, although its only used at the right moments where it needed creating a great balance between natural effects and artificial effects that still feel like a classic Predator movie.

Overall this film was defiantly a great film and sequel, it has the classic Predator feel and design to it that offers a bold and exiting new entry into the classic film franchise.

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