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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Inception film review

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Inception is the 2010 science fiction action film written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan.

I will start by saying that this film is phenomenal in its craft, its ambition and its directing, it is a thrilling concept that offers incredible action sequence but also offers a thought provoking story and narrative that really makes you think about the ideas it portrays. The action and story narrative is perfectly blended and incorporated so that one aspect does not overshadow the other. It is always great to see a film that has exiting sequences while maintaining a clever, philosophical, and a intriguing exploration into its ideas and concepts.

Inception follows the character of Dom Cobb who is a unique type of thief called an extractor, an extractor is someone who can enter another’s unconscious mind and explore their dreams in order to find certain things that are hidden within their thoughts. Don Cobb is given the chance to go home to his children in America who he has been isolated from as long as he does one important thing, which is to carry out an inception. An inception is the opposite of extraction, instead of extracting an idea he has to plant one. It is a dangerous and risky job but Dom accepts the job in order to see his children again. But later on things become much more dangerous as Dom Cobb has his own personal demons In his own mind and dreams, as well as his goal being guarded with obstructions that threaten the entire operation and quite possibly him and his extractor teams life.

That is just a basic premise of the story but it is a lot more complex and full of depth than that, I cant mention much more without spoiling the plot completely. The story is an intriguing and character driven journey that is filled with many great set pieces, story’s arcs and themes. Christopher Nolan knows how to write a great script and it really shines through. It was proved with the Dark Knight that he can create a real world Batman story filled by real world themes and ethic character driven situations that create a new type of comic book film, and it is proved with his film that even his own original ideas are just as fresh and ambitious as his previous films. He offers a surreal but clever idea of how a dream can work and the realities of that dream, the way dreams are structured and created and most importantly how they can be explored.

The films cast do a great job of portraying there characters, each with different personalities and roles that contribute to the story. it’s the journey of the characters that plays a big factor in the film.

The action sequences in this film are amazing. Superbly directed and filmed, and made exciting and thrilling with gun fights, car chases and close combat that offer great action set pieces. Christopher Nolan clearly knows how to direct even the most complex action scenes with great pace and detail.

The music by Hans Zimmer creates great Atmosphere that accompany the films theme of dreams and its surreal ideas.

The special effects are filled with scale and depth with cgi being used very well in order to create sequences of incredible design and imagination.

Overall this film is an incredible experience with a story that offers so many questions and themes that can be analysed and discussed. Action is exiting and thrilling, and its characters have depth and development. It is one of those films that makes you think and challenges you with it bold and ambitious concepts and ideas. Its writing is inspired and fresh and its production has a great deal of thought put into it.

Inception is one of those films that challenges our perception of things which is in this case dreams, it shows us a complex and surreal concept that explores the notion of a dream and how one simple idea spreads like a Bactria or a virus and when that idea is fully developed and fully understood it will never leave the mind. Dom Cobb is a very interesting character with great motivations and personal traits that I wont spoil as they are a big part of the story. The films perfect mix of action, character motivations and philosophy make it one of the best films of the year.

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