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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Improving Resident Evil 6

I was recently thinking about why I think Resident Evil 6 failed as a concept, and I thought up my own Resident Evil 6 story line and how it would lend to a scary, atmospheric, and survival horror themed game experience.

The Problem with Resident Evil 6 was the fact that the story was designed to be this high octane vapid action movie that barely stopped to take a breath or build any kind of suspense. I thought to myself about how Resident Evil 6 was a missed opportunity in a actual positive evolution of the series that would bring it back to its horror roots. I have written a short story outline for an example of a story I think a new Resident Evil game could have had that is possibly better than the one we got with Resident Evil 6 ( I don't mean exactly, but somewhere in the same territory.)

Its been 5 years since the events of Resident Evil 5, and since Weskers death and the termination of his plans, the world is finally free from bio terrorism. All traces of any bio terrorist activity has been wiped out and the BSAA have disbanded.

In the fictional town of Inns Wick, Jill Valentine has settled down, attempting to live a care free life after the nightmares she has faced. All is looking well and good until a small number of disappearances of the towns children sparks the suspicion of a local police chief. After visiting Jill at her home on the towns out skirts he tries to tell her about a strange abandoned military complex about a mile from the town. He talks about how he has spotted signs of life there while on patrol. He also mentions that the base has a history of "illegal weapons testing". The following day Jill discovers that the chief has been murdered at his home which leads her to at least check out the military complex. Finding nothing but an abandoned base she heads back home only to find the door kicked in and the house a mess. Some one was looking for some thing, or looking for her.

From there on I would have the game play be very much like a mystery game for a fair amount of the games start. I would set up the story as a mystery and let it slowly unravel over the course of the game, just like the other Resident Evil games. Instead of jumping right into the monster killing I would have exploration of the town be a major factor, talking to the residents, noting their suspicious activity and behaviour. Basically It would feel like the village stage of Resident Evil 4, except people wouldn't be trying to take your head of with an axe, well, not yet anyway.

For an idea of what I mean when i say exploration in a Resident Evil game, I mean something like Silent Hill, which is filled with interesting locations with things to explore. Not only do I think this would be a great way to evolve the Resident Evil series from a frantic rush forwards to a slower paced experience, I also think it would offer an opportunity to bring back a more survival horror style to its game play  and let the story unfold in a compelling, tense, and atmospheric way.

Combat would be like Resident Evil 4 and 5, no moving while shooting, no ability to kick or punch unless the enemy is stunned, and ammo will be once again limited.

Other story elements I thought of that connect with the plot outline above involve an underground base populated by a new Bio terrorism group, a conspiracy within the town to achieve genetic perfection in future generations, and a new nemesis style creature that will hunt you down through out the open and expansive locations at random. And I do mean at random, there wont be any quick time events or cut scenes to help you or alert you. This thing will hunt you down will out any warning, its fight or flight.

Well anyway that's just something I came up with in the span of 5 minutes of thinking while I was bored ( seriously Capcom it isn't hard). If we do see a Resident Evil 7, will they go back to the horror themed game play? will they have actual tension and a great atmosphere? lets hope they do.

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